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Iceland is created by “Bangkok Ice Factory”, the largest and most advanced ice making factory in the East. They possessed up to 3 world-class standards which includes ISO, HACCP and GMP.

Our ice making and packing process is manufactured by one of the most modern and advanced technology in the world. We store our ice in a large temperature controlled room and deliver it right to your doorstep in a near perfect condition.

Furthermore, our ice will not come in contact with the hands of staff throughout the ice making process. This ensures that Iceland is clean, safe and not contaminated.

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Worarat Tulayanan - CEO

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Our Unique Approach

A strong intention of raising the ice production standard in the eastern region to have the equivalent of global ice export standards is what makes us different. With the establishment of a large ice making factory in an area over 22 acres, along with creating a standardized production process within – we aim to create world-class products which can guarantee that our customers will get the safest and best quality ice to consume.

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Safety Logo of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, HACCP, and GMP (CODEX)

You can be sure that Iceland’s products

✓ Has world-class quality and standards. Customers will be protected in terms of quality and safety from using our products
✓ Is clean, safe and free from microorganisms, chemicals and various contaminated substances
✓ Went through quality and safe manurfacturing process in every step, from production to transportation before reaching the consumers

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Modern Production Processes

Iceland’s products are created through a modern production processes which uses automation in closed production rooms. Which means the products you receive are

✓ Not in contact with the hands of staff and therefore, not contaminated
✓ Cleaned and safe for consumers
✓ Created under a world-class technology standards

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Temperature Controlled Room

We have a large temperature controlled room which can store more than 100 tons of ice. You can be assured that

✓ You will receive good-quality ice
✓ You get the full amount of ice as you ordered without having it melted way during shipping
✓ Your ice order requirements are met everytime

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Superior Service

With many transportation vehicles combined with the 200 tons of ice produced a day (can be scaled up to 500 tons a day), you can rest assured we can deliver your ice in the required quantity and timeframe.

We highly value our ability to serve customers like you. Which is why we have quality employees who are ready to handle your inquiries with speed and convenience.

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Why Choose Iceland's Products?

✓ The production processes and product quality are certified by international standards of ISO9001, ISO14001, GMP/HACCP (Codex).

✓ Produced from high-quality water filtration systems and packed with automatic hygienic machines.

Big Tube Ice 1.3 KG.
Big Tube Ice 11 KG.
Small Tube Ice 11 KG.
Crushed Ice 11 KG.

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